Because our regular intensives (Production and Scene Study) can't be offered due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we are increasing the length of our Master Classes from 4 to 6 nights for a total of 9 hours. 


Our Master Classes are part of our Acting Intensives but can be taken on an individual basis without being part of the actual Intensive. This is a great way to be part of the Intensive without a lengthy time commitment. Master classes are 4 nights/6 hours 

We are also offering two Professional Development Classes. These are priced slightly higher due to the content being offered and the cost to hire these professional artists.


All Master Classes are held online through Zoom. 

You can take all 6 classes below with our Master Class Bundle for $700. That's a savings of over $400. Available as an option on the registration page.



Voice-Over with Wendy Zier

Wendy Zier, professional VO artist (Disney, Hasbro, Citgo) teaches this fun and informative class, giving you the tools you need to set you up for success as a voice-over artist. Learn how to work with a script, working with a mic, understanding different types of speaking styles, how to approach the business, and in-class coaching.

Acting as a Business

There's more to acting than just knowing how to act. You also need to know how to approach the business. In this class, students are taught by professionals in the field how to make the most out of their career. Each week a new guest artist covers a topic essential to establishing your successful career.

Acting as a Business Topics and Guest Artists:

Establish and Build Your Career: Being Your Own Business 

Paul Barnes (Professional Freelance Director)

How to Get the Most Out of Your Audition

Erik Stein (Casting  Director for PCPA, author of "No Caution! A step-by-step guide to preparing auditions for Universities, Colleges, Conservatories, and Beyond")


Tanner Lagasca (Founder and Creative Director of Actors Training Ground, author of "The Portable Acting Coach")


Working with a Director

Sue Scarborough (Director)


Script Analysis

Dr. Ben Slate (Assistant Professor of Theatre and Director of Theatre)

Working on a Set: Set Etiquette

Tony Pender (Actor/Director)

(Click here for info on Guest Teaching Artists)



This class focuses on the more intermediate techniques of acting. Past classes have included: Sense Memory, Creating a Character, and Acting for the Camera.


Learn how to live in the moment and act on the spot in this fun and exciting class. Students learn games, long and short forms of Improv, and improve their skills for listening and communication, all in a risk-free environment.


Take the fear out of Shakespeare and discover the beauty and fun of this often misunderstood branch of acting. Students explore the language of Shakespeare and the literary styles he uses including iambic pentameter, anthesis, prose vs. verse, and more, while working on a monologue chosen just for you.


Learn how to shape sounds with your voice and pitch to create believable dialects for any role or audition. Dialects usually covered in this class are British, Cockney, Irish, and Southern.


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