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2023 Summer Intensive Production "No Exit". (l-r) Aiden Bate, Christine Rogers, and Taylor Reimold.

Master classes for the Summer Intensive are held at Raleigh ACT, 7619 Six Forks Road, North Raleigh

Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6 pm - 9 pm

Saturdays and Sundays, 1 pm - 6 pm

Maximum # of students: 8

2024 Summer Intensive



Actors Training Ground is the first acting studio in the Raleigh area to offer a 9-week acting intensive ending with a full-staged production (summer) or a scene study presentation (winter). It was first introduced in 2015. The intensives are geared towards character development and preparing actors for productions.


In addition to scene study or the production, the students also take Master Classes to further along their eduction in theatre. The winter intensive has six Master Classes and the summer intensive has nine Master Classes. The Master classes vary with each Intensive. Past classes included Improvisation, Movement for the Actor, Shakespeare, and Stage Combat. Both intensives include a Director's Panel and a "Working with an Agent" panel with Talent One Talent Agency.

You also have the option of taking only the Master Classes without taking the Scene Study Intensive. This option does not include the "Acting for the Camera: Film" class nor the Professional Development panels.

During the Summer Intensive, students will be exposed to classes with a conservatory-like schedule during the week and rehearse a production on the weekends. The tech nights and performances will happen on the last week of classes during the regular scheduled times, except for the Saturday night performance which will be at 7:30 p.m.

During the Winter Intensive, students will be exposed to classes with a conservatory-like schedule with scene study rehearsals on the week-ends. There will be one presentation of the scenes on the final Sunday of the Intensive.

Due to the intensity of the curriculum, the Acting Intensive Program is open to actors who understand the principles behind acting or have a serious commitment to learn quickly. 

Class size in the intensives is limited to 8 participants. 

This is the schedule for the
2024 Winter Session and Intensive

Neutral Tones - Regular Classes

Blue, Purple, and Green = Intensive

Screen Shot 2023-11-27 at 1.10.12 PM.png


Why should I take the Intensive? 
The intensives are a great way to get the feel of conservatory training by combining classes and scene study/production work. It prepares the actor to utilize their time management as well as integrate the practices learned in the Master Classes. The intensive is not a like the regular session classes which focus on the principles of acting. The intensives are geared towards the actor who already has an understanding of the basic acting skills needed.


How can I be involved in the Intensive? 
There are two ways you can be involved with the Intensive:


1. Full Participant - Register for the entire Intensive which includes all Master Classes, Professional Development Classes, panels, and the production or Scene Study.


2. Master Class Bundle - Register for the Master Classes only. Professional Development classes and panels are not included in the Master Class Bundle.

What does the Intensive include?
As a Full participant in the Intensive you will be able to attend all Master Classes in the Intensive as well as be able to attend the "Working with an Agent" panel with Anne Greene of Talent One and the Director's Panel featuring directors in the Raleigh area. Full participants perform in the production (summer) or the Scene presentations (winter).


What is the cost?
The cost of the Intensive is $1250. The cost covers all classes and panels including the unique opportunities to sit down with Anne and Rudy Greene from Talent One Talent Agency and get the ins and outs of working with an agent plus the director's panel. You won't find this kind of training anywhere in NC for what we charge.

Can I make a down payment or make payment arrangements?
You are able to make a non-refundable deposit of $550. This is done through an invoice. Please contact Actors Training Ground if you need to make payments arrangements for the intensive. The invoice serves as an agreement that you will pay the balance due prior to the start of the intensive or a set date that you choose. 

What classes are offered in the Intensive?
With every Intensive we try to change up the classes being offered. This allows students to repeat Intensives without taken the exact same Master Classes every time. 

What is the production?
Because of the nature of the Intensive, we can't know the class dynamic and therefore, the production is chosen after everyone has registered so a script can be picked. The rehearsal process is a combination of a class-like environment but also treated like a professional community theatre production.

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