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Before Acting 1: Building the Basics

8 weeks later

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2024 Summer Regular Session

June 17 - August 12

Regular Class
Acting 1: Building the Basics
7 pm - 9 pm
06/24 - 08/19
Regular Class
Acting 2: Adding to the Basics
7 pm - 9 pm
06/18 - 08/13
Regular Class
Intro to Acting: The Fundamentals
11 am - 12:30 pm
06/29 - 08/24
Regular Class
Acting 1: Building the Basics
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
06/29 - 08/24
Regular Class
Voice for the Actor
11 am - 12:30 pm
06/30 - 08/25
Regular Class
Audition Technique
12:30 pm - 2 pm
06/30 - 08/25


Intro to Acting:
the Fundamentals

This class focuses on the fundamentals of acting not principles or techniques of acting. The fundamentals of acting include: stage directions, terminology, how to score a script, how to create a monologue or rehearsal book, and acting games. Monologue work begins in Acting 1: Building the BasicsYou do not need to take this class in order to take Acting 1.

Voice for
the Actor

Acquire the skills to produce sound properly for stage and screen. Learn how to use the full range of your voice with exercises and text. Breath, sound, placement, and pitch will be explored in this class. This is included in the Acting 1 bundle.

Script Analysis

Become a better script detective with our Script Analysis class. Students will gain a deeper understanding of story structure by identifying character traits including archetypes and stereotypes, arcs, subtext, and theme. The class will conclude with students performing an audition using sides provided and the skills learned throughout the class.

Sense Memory

Hone your acting skills further with this advanced acting class focusing on using the senses to create physical and emotional responses. Students will increase their focus, imagination, and harness the ability to add texture and depth to their acting to create believable and honest emotional responses. Also helps in creating invisible objects realistically when miming.


You must have completed Acting 1 and 2 to register for this class.

Master Classes
Professional Development

These are the winter and summer classes that may be offered during the regular sessions.


Styles of Performance

Script Analysis



Acting for the Camera

Auditioning for the Camera

Stage Combat

Visit the Master Classes page for descriptions of these classes.

Audition and
Monologue Prep

This on-going class gives the actor the opportunity to work on a monologue or practice for an upcoming audition. The class meets one a week and students work in 20-minute increments. You can use this time to test out different potential monologues or work on a specific piece. Use the time however you want. No huge time commitment. Once you work, you're free to go.

Acting 1 Bundle

The Acting 1 bundle includes three classes at a reduced price when registering for all three at once. The bundle includes Acting 1, Audition Technique, and Voice for the Actor at a reduced cost when registering for all three class at the same time.

Voice and Speech

Students will learn the foundation of the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.) and apply it to understand the basics of producing the sounds needed for the various dialects including British, Cockney, and Irish.


This is included in the Acting 2 bundle.


Scene Study

For the actor who wants to develop their acting skills working with other actors, this class focuses on two-person scene work. You must have completed Acting 1 and 2 or have comparable experience to register for this class.

Acting 1:
Building the Basics

This is the next step after Intro to Acting. Students will learn to apply the basic principles of Intention, Obstacle, and Tactic while working on a monologue. Other topics in class include beats, pauses, emotional tones and levels, giving circumstances, and stake. At the end of the 8 weeks, students will perform their pieces.

Acting 2:
Adding to the Basics

Students will work on the monologues from Acting 1 for the first two weeks while preparing a new monologue for the class. Principles and techniques covered in this class include: Subtext, Status, Using the Magic If, Inner Monologues, and Relationship.

This is included in the Acting 2 bundle.

Acting 2 Bundle

The Acting 2 includes three classes at a reduced price when registering for all three at once. This bundle includes includes Acting 2, Speech and Dialects,  and Character Development at a reduced cost when registering for all three class at the same time.

Acting classes in the bundle must be taken on the day the bundle is offered. Classes cannot be switched out for the individual class offered on a different day.

Acting Intensives

During the 9 weeks, students will be exposed to classes with a conservatory-like schedule during the week and rehearse a production or Scene Study on the weekends.

The winter intensive focuses on Scene Study.

The summer intensive focuses on a full-length production.  

Audition Technique

From first contact to the final call back, learn the proper and professional way to audition and make a great first and lasting impression. A must for any actor. This class focuses on stage auditions and commercial auditions. This is a lecture based class. Students must have a prepared monologue or in the process of learning one for this class.

Character Development

Using techniques such as animal work, observation, movement, voice, and a few advanced acting exercises, students will explore creating a character from a non-fictional, non-living person and bringing them to life. Students will present their character in a 15-minute private moment on the final night. This is a great class to stretch yourself as an actor.


This is included in the Acting 2 bundle.

Acting 3:
Beyond the Basics

This advanced class focuses on justifying the emotion,  voice, and actions of your character as well as introduces the elements of scene work and how to find movement and blocking using text and character. Students will use a pre-existing monologue in their repertoire to work on while exploring action. Scenes will be chosen by the instructor.

Voice-Over with Wendy Zier

This class will give you the tips and tools needed to get started in the exciting world of voice-over.

Topics covered in class include: how to breakdown a script, finding your voice, getting into the business, working in front of a mic, and 1-on-1 in-class coaching.


Wendy Zier has over 25 years experience in the business (Disney, Hasbro, Blue Cross)

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