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The Virtual Acting Studio will be launching in mid-October.​ Becoming a member of Actors Training Ground will give you access to the V.A.S. classes, episodes to "Backstage with Actors Training Ground" (BATG), and webinars.

This are paid services but only available to members. In addition, free episodes and webinars will be made available to members periodically. The first episode of BATG is available for members right now.


We hope you will become a member and enjoy what we will offering in October.

It is not required to create a membership to register for our regular class sessions.

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Acting Classes

Discover the world of acting from the comfort of you home. While we have 6 classes listed in our Virtual Acting Studio (VAS) series, we will only offer Acting 1 when we open our new feature to the public.

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Backstage with ATG

Join me for our new webcast series as I interview actors, directors and others related to the field to give insight into themselves as well as offer advice.

Webcast episodes can be purchased individually or all together. Episodes are an hour long.

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